Saturday, August 27, 2011

Promoting the Blog!

I try to be a well-rounded individual. I feel like you should diversify when it comes to expressing yourself. Well, before I started this blog, I had (and still have) a YouTube. I talked about how we saved money, recipes, and of course, CLOTH DIAPERS! But that was a no-brainer, huh? Well, I have decided to consolidate the two. I hope that I will be able to promote the blog on the vlog, and vice/versa. Thus beginning my evil empire (insert diabolical laugh).... :)
Anyway, back to the topic at hand. From now on, when I upload a video, I will also put it on the blog. A kind of "one-stop-shop", if you will. Some of my videos are completely random, but some I'm pretty proud of. I hope as I do more, I will have videos that relate to the blogs I post. I really want to make this thing work. And I am pleased to announce that I recently made Partner on YouTube (which means I can start earning money off my videos)! I never thought anyone would watch my videos, let alone subscribe. It is very humbling. And I am just feeling very thankful at the moment. Here is the most recent video I did debuting MMM:

I also want to take a moment to thank my blog followers as well. I am thoroughly enjoying having an outlet for all my crazy ramblings, and having someone read them, means the world to me. <3

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  1. Everything is looking great Rachael! Great job! I enjoy reading and following along. Looking forward to that give-away!